San Marino, November 2003

It gives me great pleasure to warmly welcome all those who are visiting the website of the Guard of the Great and General Council. The purpose of this project, which shall be soon completed with the publication of a volume, is to make San Marino and world citizens aware of the history, functions and activity of this Corps, established more than 260 years ago.

The Guard of the Great and General Council is made up of San Marino volunteers who share a deep attachment to their common roots, a strong dedication to their Country and a special sense of the State.

Many years ago, accompanied by my father, I used to cross the threshold of the Headquarters and, peeping in the lockers with childís eyes, I admired the white and light blue feathers, the glittering sabres and the many golden buttons. After 18 years of service, I have been appointed Commander of this Corps. For this high mandate, I wish to thank the man who taught me the love for our Country, for all institutions representing it and for the most beautiful uniform of the San Marino Militia.

My hope is that our work may contribute to instil in the new generations curiosity and respect for our Republicís traditions, so that San Marino may continue to be a symbol of peace, liberty and independence still for many years to come.


   Captain Paolo Berardi


Guard of the Great and General Council 2004

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