Besides the typical features of San Marino as a microstate, the Republic is known for its rich historical heritage and traditions, the determination of its people, its deep sense of democracy and its strong defence of that freedom which was inherited from Saint Marino, founder of the Country, and has been preserved over the centuries thanks to the indomitable spirit of San Marino people.
These elements have allowed San Marino Community to safeguard not only the integrity of its territory, but also its national sovereignty, which is recognized all over the world and has permitted the small Republic to be represented in the most important international fora.
In the light of the increased presence of San Marino within the World Community, it was necessary to codify the old traditions which have always distinguished the Republic.

Under the special Regulation issued in compliance with Article 7 of Law N° 5 f 26th January 1990, the main task of the Guard of the Great and General Council consists in escorting and protecting the Captains Regent and the members of the Great and General Council in their institutional functions.
The Guard shall accompany and escort Diplomats on the occasion of credentials presentation ceremonies, Members of foreign Governments and Heads of State paying visit to the Captains Regent. It shall also perform the task of Guard of Honour during institutional ceremonies and provide guard service during the sittings of the Great and General Council and the Arengo. Moreover, it is in charge of the flag–raising and lowering ceremony and of the Guard of Honour at the thrones of the Captains Regent.

The “Military Protocol” was approved on 23rd June 2000 in order to make the participation of Military Corps in any official ceremony directly involving the Captains Regent as strict and impeccable as possible.

In particular, the Guard of the Great and General Council shall render service in the following ceremonies:


5th February: anniversary of the liberation of the Republic of San Marino from Alberoni’s occupation (Saint Agatha’s Day);

25th March: anniversary of the Arengo (and celebration of the Militia);

1st April and 1st October: investiture ceremony of the new Captains Regent;

Corpus Domini

3rd September: anniversary of San Marino foundation and Patron Saint’s Day;

March and September: military protocol for the appointment of the Captains Regent;

Presentation to the Captains Regents of credential letters by the newly accredited Ambassadors;

31st March and 30th September: introduction to the Captains Regent of the diplomatic and consul corps accredited to San Marino and of the official speaker of the investiture ceremony of the Captains Regent;

Visits of heads of state and government;

Service during the sittings of the Great and General Council;

1st Sunday of April and 1st Sunday of October: service during the sixmonthly sitting of the Arengo;

Gala events;

Visits of military representations to San Marino;

Public order and surveillance service.







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Guard of the Great and General Council 2004

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